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Shop for custom studies, scripts, and scanners that will make your stock trading life much easier right here. We built custom scripts for ThinkOrSwim that will help automate your trading process. These tools help remove the tedious work that comes with planning out a stock trade!

Our custom stock scanners are customizable and powerful enough to scan for the best stocks of the day! catch them before they make their big moves! You’ll never have to wonder how other people are finding the hot stocks again!

Take your stock trading skills to the next level

Scanning for hot stocks requires the best custom scripts and stock charting tools you can get your hands on and we have the best tools here for you!

If you are looking for custom scanners to scan for the best stocks, we have them. If you want custom studies that plot out the key-price levels so you can save time, we have those too!

In our custom script shop, you will find many tools of the stock trading world that help you save time. Speed up the workflow that helps you stay focused on the trading that you love!

Now you can scan for the hottest stocks, plot the key price levels, customize your workspace and improve your trading experience, all with the help of these tools!

If you love the stock market, but you want to make the whole experience more fun and less like work, then these tools will help you find your flow and get in the groove!

Stop waiting and begin improving your stock trading experience with our custom tools today! Join the ranks of the professional stock traders now!

You CAN find the hottest stocks, and improve your trading with these time-saving tools of the stock trading world!

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