Previous Day High With Alerts – ThinkOrSwim Study



Previous Day High custom plot study for the ThinkOrSwim® charting platform.


Previous Day High Study with Alerts – Custom Chart Study for ThinkOrSwim®

The high of the previous trading day is one of the many key areas that a stock market day trader or swing trader may use to enter or exit a stock trade. This custom study will plot the high of the previous day and give you the option to add alerts when the stock’s price action breaks above the previous trading day’s high. This custom chart study also allows the option to add a price label to the upper left corner of your ThinkOrSwim® stock chart that shows the previous day’s high numerical value so that you always know exactly what that price is when planning to execute your trade!

Previous Day High Study ThinkOrSwim

Save time by automatically plotting key levels on intraday stock charts.

Using our custom studies for the ThinkOrSwim® Desktop stock trading platform makes plotting your key levels easy!

Now you can trade stocks like the pros when you automate the busy work!

Save your time for what you really love – placing trades!

  • This purchase includes instructions for installation as well as a downloadable file
  • This study is to plot the previous trading day’s “high of the day” on multiple intraday timeframes
  • Pay once and own this custom study forever!
  • Use on multiple intraday charts at once!
  • ***This custom chart study is ONLY intended for use with the DESKTOP version of the ThinkOrSwim® stock trading platform
  • ***Do not purchase this product if you do not have the ThinkOrSwim® Desktop platform


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