Stock Trading Watchlist for 11-19-2020

Stocks that I am watching today include Electric Vehicle stocks, as well as a few stocks that are either trading unusual volume, gapping up, or breaking out of a chart-pattern that I have been watching form.

I do have open positions in some of these stocks and may choose to day-trade others if I see a pattern I like. I only have 1 day-trade available today on my small account so I may not take any new trades until this afternoon if I take them at all.

Electric Vehicle Stocks

TSLA – Tesla made a nice move of about 10% yesterday to close at $486.64 and is up in the premarket to a high of $499 and currently $494. If this continues to move forward today, Tesla could make and close at all time highs by the end of the week. This is of course the leader of the electric vehicle sector and many other EV stocks are up as well this week.

CIIC – Arrival, the UK based Electric Bus maker, recently announced a SPAC merger to go public under the ticker CIIC. The stock gapped up yesterday about 30% and continued up another 20% after hours. This 2-day move sent the stock from $10.50 to an after-hours high of $1695 before pulling back to $14.50 in this mornings premarket trading.

KNDI – Recently broke out past the previous high on 8/18 of $10.61. After 3 green days in a row, this stock gapped up another 17% after hours to a high of $13.51 before pulling back to $12.01 in the premarket hours. KNDI appears to be making a move back to it’s 52 wk high of $17.40 which was back on 7/30/2020

More Electric Vehicle Stocks

I am currently holding from earlier in the week SOLO, FCEL, and BLNK, which are all electric vehicle related plays that I have been watching for awhile.

Also, PLUG, LTHM, PLL, are all stocks I am watching for possible trades in the electric vehicle sector.

Other stocks I am watching:

NAKD – This is a penny stock that was $.1295 (less than 13 cents) yesterday and gapped up overnight to a high of $.20 cents in after-hours trading. This is a low float (7 million shares) stock that I am not very familiar with yet. However, I am going to watch it and see how it plays out with such high volume and low float it could make massive moves.

FNKO – Funko, the company that makes bobble head toys recently broke out and has been on a major run. I will have this one on my watchlist and look for a possible setup I like in the coming days.

FENG, is up massively on news of an upcoming dividend. This is one I want to watch and see how it reacts to this kind of news. I have no intention of taking a trade on this one.

I hope everyone has a profitable day trading, I will be working on updating my recent trades on over the coming days. You can Click Here to Join and follow all the trades I take as well as the trades of millionaire traders that have been doing this for years!

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