Stock Trading Watchlist for 11/23/2020

Today will be another day of watching the Electric Vehicle sector for big continuation moves, the solar power sector for the same reason, as well as the pharma/bio sector for potential coronavirus related momentum plays.

Clean Energy Stocks

(SPI) | SPI Energy Co. – Closed Friday at $9.56 and had a premarket spike this morning of $11.74 for the high. It is currently pulling back to about $10.80 as of 6:51 a.m. as I write this. This is a Micro FLOAT stock with only 4.76m shares available. I am long SPI with an average of $10.89 from a swing trade opened on Friday.

(CLNE) | Clean Energy Fuels Corp. – is a higher float stock with 130.06M shares available. It closed Friday at $3.48 approaching near the 52-week high of $3.75 which it broke out past in this morning’s pre-market trading. Hitting a premarket high of $3.97, it has now pulled back slightly to $3.86 as I write this. I will be looking for an entry above the breakout of premarket high after 9:45 this morning with the intention to swing this for much of the week if momentum holds.

Electric Vehicle Stocks to Watch

(BLNK) | Blink Charging Co. Closed at 22.67 Friday and hit a premarket high this morning of $27.49, which is also another new 52 week high for this stock. BLNK was my favorite play last week and it seems to be moving good again this morning, up almost 20% from Friday’s close. BLNK has a 25million shares float and is in a hot sector as they make charging devices for electric vehicles. I currently hold no position in BLNK but will be looking for an entry to swing this one again if momentum holds and I find a good entry price. This stock has been on a several day parabolic move and it may have more room to run. I will however be watching for it to put in the first red day soon.

(DSGT) | DSG Global Inc. – is an OTC stock that closed on Friday at $0.288 which was up over 45% vs the previous day. This is another electric vehicle stock that looks like it is reaching a key breakout level. There is recent news related to the electric vehicle supplier receiving a license. This stock as a float of 82.9M which makes it a little higher float than I like to see, but with over 19m shares traded on Friday, and the sector being as hot as ever, I will still keep an eye on this one for big moves. It is currently at $0.288 which is way below the 52 week high of $1.25

(KXIN) | Kaixin Auto Holdings – A Chinese car dealer that is moving along with the Electric vehicles sector. Currently up 40%+ in premarket on no apparent news. This is a low float stock with only 13.67m shares available which may help this stock make big moves.

I will also be watching NAKD with a 41.61m float. I took a small loss on this on Friday and it is now making the move I was looking for.

Other stocks I am watching include: ALYI, WWR, PLL, CYCN, LTHM, TSLA, FCEL, SUNW, CIIC, MMEDF, and PLUG

Please remember that this is only my Monday morning stock watchlist. These are not trade recommendations and I will only take trades where I see known patterns or setups that are right for MY trading style and plan. If you are going to trade any of these stocks that I have mentioned, please do your own homework and set your risk v reward at a level that works for YOU.

If you would like to see the results of some of the trades I have taken recently, then follow this link to where you can see my entries, exits, and whether or not I made a profit or loss. Also, when you join you will get access to hundreds of other traders that I have been learning from.

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