Swing Trade Stock Watchlist for Weekend of 12-05-2020

Swing trade for this weekend consisted of $PLUG $BB $FCEL $FNKO $PSYC $MMEDF $CVSI $ALSK $LTHM $TSLA $WWR

These were mostly small swing trade positions that I am using for testing different long setups I may use for swing trading in the future.

I held small swing trade positions in each of these stocks, spread over 2 small stock trading accounts, over the weekend.

With a mix of OTC stocks alongside NASDAQ listed stocks, I have about half the list that is moving in premarket trading this morning, while the other half (OTC) do not trade in the premarket hours.

This will make for an interesting morning when the stock market bell rings, as half of my moving stocks are up and half are pulled back this morning.

My plan is to hold most of these swing trade positions until after 10 am, when the stock market volatility dies down some, and then remove the ones that do not look like they will perform well throughout the trading day.

I do not recommend you swing trade any of these stocks, or follow my plan, as I am not a financial advisor and I am only doing some small trades and testing strategies that I may or may not use in the future. If you would like to see how these stock trades and others worked for me, then visit Profit.ly by clicking here and you can see if these swing trades were profitable trades for me or not.

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